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Physiotherapy Assignment Help

What is Physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy is a common topic for nursing students. Therefore, seeking physiotherapy assignment help is understandable. Physiotherapy is a degree-based profession whereby physios employ their skills and knowledge to work on different parts of the body. Physiotherapy, also known as physical therapy or PT, is a medicine or science that focuses on restoring the movement of limbs to a patient after a disability, injury, or illness. It will purpose to restore independence to the patient, either at home or at work. If done correctly, it will improve physical activity without causing further injuries. Physiotherapy commences after the therapists establish the root cause of the injury. It is so as to determine the kind of therapy the patient needs. 

Who is a Physiotherapist?

A physical therapist is a professional, who promotes, restores and maintains health through diagnosis, physical examination, prognosis, management, physical intervention, patient education, disease prevention, rehabilitation, illness prevention, and health promotion. 

A physiotherapist is a medical personnel who helps to restore movement and mobility to patients who have experienced an injury or lost the functionality of body parts due to illness. A physiotherapist may secure employment in various facilities such as; community health centers, hospitals, sports teams and clubs, and GP surgeries. For people recuperating at home, some physiotherapists do home visits. 

Who Needs Physiotherapy?

PT is a medical service provided on a primary basis, or alongside other medical services. Unlike other medical treatment options, this holistic approach involves the patient directly. It caters to patients across all age-groups, with different ailments, and injuries. Physiotherapy helps people who experience certain conditions which affect certain parts of the body, such as; 

  1. Injury to joints, bones, and soft tissue. It includes; neck pain, back pain, shoulder pain, and sports injuries. 
  2. Injury to the nervous system. The cause of this is Parkinson’s disease, stroke, or multiple sclerosis. 
  3. Heart and blood circulation after a heart attack. 
  4. The breathing system and lungs. Cystic fibrosis and COPD, (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) is the leading causes of this. 
  5. Lung illnesses, for instance, asthma.
  6. Pelvic issues related to childbirth affect bowel and bladder movement.
  7. Pain, fatigue, swelling, loss of muscle strength, and stiffness, from palliative care and cancer treatment. 

What Do Physiotherapists Do?

No matter where an injury is, physiotherapists consider the body as a whole and complete unit. They identify the root cause of immobility or injury before administering treatment to the affected area. Besides the physical part of therapy, they employ other factors which will help facilitate results. Physical therapy is divided into two, manual and manipulation therapy. Manual therapy is whereby physical exercise is involved. The duties of a physiotherapist include:

(a) Physical activity guidance, movement, and tailored exercise. The physical therapists recommed these exercises to help improve your mobility, and general health and to strengthen parts of your body. 

(b) Education and Advice. Besides rehabilitation, physiotherapists often advise people on proper posture while sitting, lifting, and carrying techniques to prevent injury. 

(c) Manual Therapy. Physiotherapists can use their hands to relieve stiffness and pain in muscles and joints. It further encourages better movement of the body. 

Other forms of physiotherapy include acupuncture and aquatic or hydrotherapy. Physical therapists in countries, for instance, the UK, are allowed to prescribe medicine. 

During a session, a physiotherapist will learn a patient’s medical history, assess and diagnose their condition, create a treatment plan and set goals for the patient, recommend exercises and assistive devices necessary for the treatment journey, 

Physiotherapy comes into play for patients who have lost the ability to perform daily activities or exercise mobility. The professionals might use a patient’s history and physical examination results to reach a diagnosis and then create a management plan. Besides the physical examination, they will use other channels to determine a diagnosis. These include imaging studies; x-ray, MRI findings, and CT-scan. Electrodiagnostic testing is effective in identifying nerve damage.

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