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MRSA Nursing Assignment Help

MRSA Explained by A MRSA Nursing Assignment Expert.

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MRSA, also known as Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus, is a bacterium that causes infections in different parts of the human body. The conditions caused by MRSA are difficult to treat compared to other illnesses because they are resistant to widely used antibiotics. Most MRSA infections commonly occur in people who are hospitalized or in different healthcare setups such as nursing homes and dialysis. Healthcare-associated MRSA (HA-MSA) is the leading cause of MRSA infections. Also, other factors that link to HA-MRSA include the following:

  • Invasive therapies or devices, for instance, surgical procedures.
  • Intravenous tubing, and
  • Prosthetic joints

There is also another kind of MSRA infection known as community-associated MRSA (CA-MRSA) among healthy people in the greater community. You can also contract MRSA infections in healthcare facilities and the general public.

What Are the Symptoms of MRSA?

Mostly, symptoms of MRSA infections vary depending on the body part infected. For instance, the symptoms of MRSA skin infections include but are not limited to swelling, warmth, redness, and pain. However, the patient needs to take a laboratory test since it is hard to differentiate between a skin infection by MRSA or another type of skin bacteria.

Also, some skin MRSA infections can be mistaken for a spider bite since they appear reddish, have pus, swollen, painful, and warm to the touch.

Who Is At Risk of Contracting MRSA Infections?  

Frankly, anyone can get MRSA infections. However, avoiding activities and places that are crowded and sharing equipment can hugely prevent the spread. A crowded environment increases the chances of contracting MRSA infections due to possible skin-to-skin contact. Athletes, daycare, students, and the military at the barracks are at risk of contracting MRSA infections. Also, people that receive inpatient medical care or surgery through inserting medical devices in their bodies are at risk of MRSA infection.

Prevention of HA-MRSA 

It is advisable to place patients infected with HA-MRSA in isolation to prevent its spread. Also, the healthcare workers and visitors taking care of the isolated MRSA-infected patients are supposed to wear protective gear. Additionally, these visitors and healthcare workers in these environments should follow very harsh hand hygiene and sanitization protocols. Cleaning and disinfecting the hospital environment such as the rooms, surfaces, laundry items, tools, and equipment, is advisable.

Preventing CA-MRSA

Wash and Sanitize Your Hands-

Preventing the spread of community-associated MRSA (CA-MRSA) by following strict hygiene and sanitizations is key. Scrubbing and washing your hands with soapy water is one of the best defenses against these CA-MRSA infections. It is advisable that community members carry a small bottle of a 60% alcohol-based hand sanitizer when they can’t access soap and water.

  • Keep Wounds Covered-

The pus or any other fluid coming from wounds may contain MRSA bacteria. Therefore, it is advisable to cover cuts and scrapes and keep them clean using a clean and dry bandage until they properly heal. That way, we prevent spreading this harmful MRSA bacteria to our fellow community members.

  • Personal Items Should Be Kept Personal-

Sharing personal items such as towels, razors, sheets, clothes, and equipment should be avoided at all costs. The CA-MRSA is spread through direct contact and sharing infected personal items.

  • You’re Advised to Shower After Athletic Games-

According to health experts, people doing athletics and practices are at risk of contracting CA-MRSA. So, they are advised to take a soap and water shower immediately after a gaming activity and not share the towels.

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