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Mental Health Nursing Assignment Help

What is Mental Health Nursing?

Mental health nurses, also known as psychiatric nurses, are a team of professional medics who care for patients dealing with mental health disorders. Nurses find themselves seeking mental health nursing assignment help. It is a highly marketable field due to the high demand in the market. Nursing is a wide field and, mental health nursing is highly marketable and relevant. The main purpose of mental health nurses is to help patients recover and improve the quality of their lives. 

PMH nurses sometimes consider themselves as performing double duties. It is because they give mental and physical care to their patients. These nurses possess skills in how to treat depression, anxiety, PTSD, bipolar disorder, substance abuse, schizophrenia, and many others. These super nurses are special as some conditions render their patients dangerous, unreasonable, and uncooperative. It makes their work more difficult because they still have to give care and treatment regardless. 

Role of a Mental Health Nurse

You’ll create professional relationships with people who seek and use mental health services. You will also need to do the same with their relatives and caregivers. Your patients need understanding and care as part of the healing process. The more they trust you, the more open they are towards recovery and the higher their chances of recovery. It will make your duty of administering medication, integrating social activities, and suggesting therapy options easier hence your efforts effective. Through these healthy relationships, patients will accept their situation faster. 

As a mental health nurse, it is in your job description to educate and create awareness in communities, families, and patients about mental health. It is to break the societal stigma associated with mental health. 

The roles of a mental health nurse include; aiding patients to perform daily activities, take medication and observe treatment plans, monitoring the progress, consulting with other mental health specialists, and offering support to their patients plus their families. 

Clinically, the roles of an MHN include; 

  1. Assess the status of their patients
  2. Provide counseling
  3. Give care based on nursing care plans and treatment
  4. Give medicine and observe for response and side effects 
  5. Teach self-care and coping skills to patients
  6. Create case management
  7. Prepare for stabilization and crisis intervention
  8. Create awareness among communities, families, and patients through education

However, you should note that legal context is taught to mental health nurses to establish when their patients are at risk of harming themselves or others. Mental health nurses are in hospitals, in a special unit or psychiatric ward. 

What Does it Take to Be a Mental Health Nurse?

When joining a nursing school, students study all the general fields and then determine later what to specialize. Those who choose to be mental health nurses experience what working in this field is like. 

Studying to be a Mental Health Nurse is one thing, to qualify to practice is another. In this case, the requirements include;

  1. A registered nurse license
  2.  A total of 2000 hours in a nursing hospital within three years
  3. Two years of practice as a full-time RN
  4. 30 hours of continuing education within three years

Skill Requirements of a Mental Health Nurse

Your problem-solving skills and strong communication are the key necessities of becoming a mental health nurse. These are necessary to help you form healthy nurse-patient relationships for nursing. The problem-solving skills will enable you to empower your patients when they feel powerless. 

Nurses receive training on creating a healthy balance between professional and personal responsibilities. It is easy to get carried away or become excessively attached to patients if you do not establish a healthy boundary. Worry not, it will be part of your training. It is important to note that this job has a fair share of its challenges as some patients can get aggressive and stubborn. You will need to remember your training and trust your skills in problem-solving and remaining calm. You should rely on your colleagues for teamwork as it will often come in handy. 

Where do Psychiatric Nurses Work?

Your job as a mental health nurse is vast and can land you in a myriad of locations. This works to your advantage as you can choose a destination that best suits you. Here is a list of the places where you can work as a mental health nurse. 

  1. Clinics
  2. Hospitals
  3. Rehabilitation centers
  4. Psychiatric health centers
  5. Telemedicine
  6. Nursing homes
  7. Forensic health settings
  8. Community mental health facilities
  9. Substance use treatment programs
  10. Public health centers
  11. Federal/state facilities, such as prisons
  12. Schools

What is the Difference Between Mental Health Nurses, Social Workers, psychiatrists, and Psychologists?

These four professions have similar tasks and responsibilities but with differences in education, qualification, and responsibilities. 

  1. Psychiatrists treat mood disorders, mental health, and substance abuse complications. 
  2. Mental Health Social Workers- They either possess a master’s or a bachelor’s degree. They offer one on one counseling sessions to patients and their families. They work with psychiatrists and psychologists to give resources and support to mental health patients.
  3. Psychiatric Mental Health Nurses- These are registered and licensed nurses specializing in psychiatry. They focus more on promoting mental well-being. 
  4. Psychologists- These PhD-holding experts study emotional, cognitive, and social processes concerning behavior. They employ psychological testing via observation of a person’s behavior and how they relate to others and the environment. 

Hire Mental Health Nursing Assignment Help

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Professional Mental Health Nursing Assignment Writers

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